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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Actually, it’s almost always used in combination of all three of these forms. DBT treatment is based upon six main points extracted from CBT therapy. However, the treatment has been slightly adapted to treat a variety of other mental health disorders successfully.

Part of this work was supported in part by an Academic Scholars Award to MIH from the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto, Canada. BDMJ, MD, AO, BIG, BHM, MIH have received funding dialectical behavioral therapy from the Canadian Institute of Health Research. These funding agencies have not been involved in the study and collection, analysis, interpretation of data, and writing of the manuscript.

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At its root, DBT takes a biosocial approach to understanding how people’s symptoms arise and continue. In other words, two seemingly opposite things can actually be true at the same time. For example, it’s important to accept where you are and strive to grow. It’s important to recognize that you’re doing your best and keep trying. DBT specifically focuses on providing therapeutic skills in four key areas.

dialectical behavioral therapy

Teens and their parents learn new skills together to help kids deal with hard feelings. In family therapy, parents and kids get to talk about how things are going at home. Teens can also call their therapists when they need extra help or are thinking of hurting themselves. It’s an intensive, structured kind of therapy that can help kids and teens who have a lot of trouble handling their strong emotions.

What does dialectical mean?

Best of all, what you learn from DBT can be useful for anyone, even when you’re doing well. DBT offers and teaches healthy life skills that will remain with us for years and that we can all infuse into our lives. She came out in the New York Times over the last few years and acknowledged that she had severe mental illness when she was in her late teens. And she’s one that had a personal interest in helping all of the patients that she saw. And so she was dedicated to, as she would say, getting them out of hell.

  • Generally, care providers address a client’s suicidality before moving on to other aspects of treatment.
  • Many patients seeking DBT have undergone other forms of therapy without experiencing significant improvement.
  • And so she thought well, maybe there’s something to this humanistic approach.
  • Given this overlap in some core symptoms and heterogeneity in presentations, clinicians and researchers have proposed that DBT may be beneficial to target some BD symptoms (McMahon et al. 2016).

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